FXOpen Broker launches financial performance-tracking tool for traders

fxopen_anal_newsуутпFXOpen has recently announced the launch of FXOpen Analytics, a financial performance-tracking tool for traders. The similar tool was formerly only used by professional PAMM Masters and Investors. Now any trader with active account can use the analytics service.

The web-app helps traders track and analyze their trading performance, allowing to set trading goals and monitor progress. In-depth analysis helps determine the strong and weak points of trading strategies, identify the best currency pairs and time to trade, minimize risks and increase profits.

Clients can monitor their trading results displayed in charts and diagrams, and focus on key performance metrics such as profit, equity, gain, drawdown and deposited funds. FXOpen Analytics also allows traders to share their trading results by generating a public link and then use it on websites or blogs.

Clients can also get a grip of how well they are performing compared to other FXOpen traders using the global rankings based on the total gain.

Traders can access the service by clicking the diagram icon next to their trading account number in the MyFXOpen area or by following the link.

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