CIBFX.COM is a BOUTIQUE and PERSONAL brokerage who have been trusted by clients for over 12 years of business. Dedicated to exceeding excellence, providing international clients with a regulated transparent bespoke brokerage service, some of the most competitive spreads in the industry, and first-class professional support around the clock.

Recently, have opened their doors to the international trading community and are offering unbeatable trading conditions with a trusted and safe brokerage.

The Missions statement reads simply: “We do not believe in misleading our clients with talk of market investments beyond their means or comfort zones. We will never cold-call you or pressure you into depositing funds. It is important for us that you trade at your own pace and within your available means. We may be in touch to see how you are getting on and if you need a helping hand only. After all, we conduct our business as per our Mantra…SIMPLE. SAFE. TRADING.”

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Legal name: Capital Investment Brokers Ltd.

  • Founded in: 2005
  • Regulated: VFSA 14637

Trading conditions

  • Trading platform: MT4 Desktop, MT4 Webtrader, Mt4 Mobile Trader
  • Trading tools: Daily Analysis, Weekly Reviews & Forecasts, Video Education Center, Webinars, Charts & Economic Calendars.
  • Мinimum deposit: $100
  • Maximum leverage: 1:500

Additional information

Demo platforms: MEtatrader4 Live Demo

Payments system: Credit Cards, Local Currency Wire Transfer, International Wire Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, OKpay

Multilanguage sites:  English, Arabic, Indonesian, Russian, Hindi

Multilanguage customer support:  English, Arabic, Russian, Hindi

Customer support: Phone, Live chat, Email, Skype. Callback.

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The verdict from ForexNews.PRO

Reviews (21)



Me enseñaron a operar por el 2017 ya llego casi 2 años y genial con Cibfx me han enseñado mucho y gracias a ellos estoy obteniendo bastantes beneficios, aunque en un par de veces perdi, he ganado muchas mas asi que he salido ganando



Meraz Ulibarri

I have chosen the executive trading account of this regulated broker CIBfx and I am completely happy with it. It is ensuring me lower spread, 24/5 trading facilities in company with expert support, good leverage, re-quote and slippage free well-timed, fastest and orderly trade executions. And as a pro trader; I must say that this broker is providing me competitively lower commission rate along with lower transaction costs.



Galarza Vanegas

My broker is CIBfx is my definitive companion in this dynamic field of forex. What I simply like about this broker is: it is providing me complete customized trading services of lower spread, good leverage, timely trade executions as well as complete security of funds. I am receiving full time customer care support and free market analysis as I am beginner. And yes, it is ensuring me well organized educational tools so that I can complete my trading education.



Lucio Ybarra

As a retail forex trader I have selected the micro trading account of this verified broker CIBfx. This experienced broker is ensuring me well organized trading services just as any standard account. But my initial investment has been only $500. So if a beginner wants to start career, then he can easily choose providing me free training, education and market analysis. And thereby, I can easily carry out all my trading activities to enjoy a comfortable trading journey always.



Finley Moss

I have started my trading journey in this challenging field of forex with $500 via micro trading account of this broker CIBfx. And yes, whenever I don’t have good capital I can use the leverage service provided by this broker. It is also ensuring me complete education through webinars and well-organized trading lessons. Yes, I am completely satisfied with the services of this broker.



Idelfonso Tamez

I am a small, scale retail trader working with the micro trading account of this regulated broker CIBfx. This verified and experienced broker is ensuring me free market analysis and complete education facilities so that I can successfully carry out all my trading activities. I am also enjoying a user friendly trading services of lower spread, technologically updated trading platform with complete safety of funds. Yes, I am pleased with the service of this broker.



Brandon Lawson

Executive trading account of this broker CIBfx is a better alternative for those forex traders who want to invest in larger amount. And for the expert pro traders this traders can be a good choice since this broker is providing me competitively lower commission rate, lower transaction cost, re-quote and slippage free trade executions as well as lower spread. This trading account is especially effective for the traders who have good expertise and for this reason I love this broker.



 Gurule Rivera

As a naïve trader, I am practicing with demo trading account of this licensed broker, CIBfx to complete my learning process. I am enjoying free training with full time expert assistance from this broker. I can directly communicate with the experts via telephone, e-mail or webinars. Periodically I can communicate with the experts and I am receiving guidelines in strategy selection which I always desire for. Side by side I am working with the micro trading account of this broker.



Uribe Gaytan

This broker CIBfx is a regulated broker. I have been trading with the standard trading account of this broker since 2017. What I love most about this broker is: it is not only giving me a safe environment for trading but also it is ensuring me a user friendly trading package. I am enjoying lower spread, a good leverage, re-quote and slippage free timely and fastest trade executions through reliable and technologically updated trading platform.



Bennie Medrano 

I am receiving good leverage, lower spread, easy transaction and a complete safety of funds through proper regulations for my standard trading account maintained with this licensed broker CIBfx. I am truly receiving personalized yet very effectual trading services from this broker where I am receiving 24/5 trading services with the direct market access through its mobile application and MT4 platform. I must say that I am a loyal customer of this broker.



Cotto Posada

This regulated broker, CIBfx is providing me complete capital preservation with the service of safe and comfortable trading platform. In case of busy schedule I can easily use the mobile application of this broker and it is quite satisfactory to handle all the activities very smoothly. Again, it comes to the intermediary services; I must say that it is ensuring me re-quote and slippage free timely and fastest trade executions all the time.



Kian Rogers

Verified trading platform is my first priority in this decentralized forex market. And for this reason, I have chosen this experienced and licensed broker CIBfx. This regulated trading platform is providing me free education, free economic analysis and expert assistance on a regular basis as I am a naïve trader. Again, through webinars I can directly communicate with the experts and take suggestions and advice from them in any critical situations. I am satisfied with the overall services of this broker.



Logan Gray

Complete security of my capital is ensured by this licensed broker CIBfx. I always favor regulated platform as I know that forex is a decentralized market place and I may lack the security of funds if I am working with non regulated broker. Again, I am enjoying multilingual customer care support for the 24/5 basis. I am pleased with its overall services as I am being provided lower spread and good leverage also.



Ignacio Hernández

Totally happy with CIBfx. The experience with the team is perfect since the first day I've been working with them. I'm not an expert in the Forex market, but with their help I could win a little amount of money with no so much effort. Highly recommended!




My trading experience with this company from last 1 year. They always ensures security of funds at any deposits , low transaction cost , active customer services , free demo trading, minimum margin requirements and much more real trading facilities that are very supportive to lead a comfortable trading life with certainly.




Personally I had a few issues in the beginning when I started trading with CIBfx because of a selfish sales representatives from the middle-east but in the end I'm happily trading CFDs on their platform. At the moment I am at around 3K profit and have already withdrawn 1K. I will post back if anything changes in the agreement with CIBfx.


My account open on 13/12/16 but until now no receive daily statement from them. Those of you write good comments do you received daily statement? I had write email to them about this issue but no response.

Fahad Fx

The bonuses we get from our trading brokers practically cannot use in a proper way due to many restrictions. But this regulated company for all time make sure best trading environment for using any kinds of bonuses including flexible trading spreads. i got 100% initial bonus from this regulated platform and from here devoid of any kinds of restrictions i am able to use this deposit bonus including lowest trading spreads as well as minimum margin requirements. They also provide no deposit bonus $100 which is also usable without any kinds of restrictions.


The best ever I had” is very powerful word, that’s why I do not use it. But I‘d like to say CIB FX is really one of the best. All their advantages are place on their main of page of their website. I can confirm that it’s true. I trade with then since ‘15 and never had any serious problems. They always ensures best trading environment for their clients by providing a wide range of trading technologies. Highly recommend Forex broker.


Their trading conditions are very competitive, but I would expect this. Most importantly for me, I never get any hassle when I try to withdraw, this is most important for me. I guess they are one of those Offshore licensed ones, but take themselves very seriously. Another HUGE bonus, they dont drive me mad on the phone and let me get on with my trading without any pressure. I like that so I always have at least one account open with them. I recommend them for a hedge account for serious traders. If your a new trader, they have bonuses to start, but dont need to use all that, they have good customer services and videos to help you. in summery, for smaller broker, they very good and I'm happy.

Louna Abdul

I heard this broker good with Arab and strong reputation. I trust them and they are good with fast execution. They become my main broker now.