FxPro Group Lt. Founded in 2006. Included in the group of companies FxPro Financial Services Ltd., The activities of the latter adjusted Kipriyskim legislation. Currently, FxPro is a leading international rating of brokers in the foreign exchange markets. Our clients are mainly private investors who drive online commerce. company offers its services in more than 120 countries around the world except the United States and certain other countries. In 2010, the number of active customers amounted to 16,980, which is almost 10% more than in 2009. From 2008 to 2010, the company opened network of offices in Vienna, Nice, London, Madrid, Athens and Moscow. Currently, the number of employees of about 130, most of which are located in Cyprus.

Mission Statement

  • FxPro’s mission is to provide superior trading services for all clients, irrespective of the size of their account balances
  • To educate people about the markets, empowering them to take control of their finances by making trading accessible to all
  • To promote transparency and fair trading practices by leading the way and campaigning for their adoption across the entire industry

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Legal name: FxPro Group Limited

  • Founded in: 2006
  • Regulated: CySEC (Cyprus), 078/07 FSB (South Africa), 45052 FCA (UK), 509956

Trading conditions

  • Trading platform: cTrader, MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5)
  • Trading tools: FOREX, CFD
  • Мinimum deposit: 100$
  • Maximum leverage: 1:500

Additional information

Demo platforms: cTrader, cTrader Mobile, cTrader Web, MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5), WebTrader, МТ4 Android , МТ4 iPhone, МТ4 Windows Mobile, МТ5 Android , МТ5 iPhone, МТ5 Windows Mobile

Payments system: Payment cards, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Webmoney, Neteller, PayPal, FasaPay, NetBanx, mPay

Multilanguage sites:  English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Indonesian, Arabic, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, German, Polish, Japanese, Hindi, Vietnamese, Thai, Romanian, Urdu, Russian.

Multilanguage customer support:  English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Indonesian, Arabic, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, German, Polish, Japanese, Hindi, Vietnamese, Thai, Romanian, Urdu, Russian.

Customer support: Phone, Live chat, Email, Callback, Office

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The verdict from ForexNews.PRO
FxPro – very serious broker, who invested a lot in its progress in the European market. The broker has its own great site, as well as competitive trading conditions

Reviews (52)




So far their platform is very good to me because the execution is very fast and there are no requotes, freezes or slippages.




Regulated broker with long history of doing business in forex industry. Good trading conditions and fast registration. Quite fast execution and no requotes, so did not have many problems with them. My manager is very skilled and professional.




I've been trading forex for many years now. In my opinion, FxPro seems to be focused on experienced traders, but they take care of beginners as well. Their educational section and demo accounts are quite good and helpful. I can’t say that I have any issues with them.




Quick registration, good support, transparent execution. In general first impression is good.




Hi guys! I already work with them since summer 2017, till now they are very good. In fact I withdraw more than i deposited for this period of time. This suggests that they give you a chance to work in profit. There were only a couple of little claims, which did not affect on the results of trading.




. Execution of orders and speed of connection are very good, no slippages and no re-quotes, convenient UI and superior analytics. Professional support. Recommend.




Hi there, I have been trading with fxpro for the last year and now I’m ready to share my first impression about this broker. I have never had serious problems or delays with my deposits and withdrawals. The execution is at the level with all the leading brokers, it is not worse, but not better. As for me this broker is quite good.




FXPRO have several important features for me. That's why I chose this company. First of all they offer the tightest spreads between all european reliable brokers. Also this broker provide full market depth information, quite well execution and fast withdrawals. And you can use all kind of EA’s.




There are several benefits for me in working with FXPro. It is convenient for mobile trading. They offer good range of trading tools, very tight spreads and high leverage. And the most important advantage for me that FxPro provide convenient, safe and fast withdrawal through payment cards, wire transfer and other available payment methods.

Roberts Powell

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For half a year of trading with them, I learned a lot and got good experience. They offer a lot of interesting information, demo accounts also implemented very well. Everything went fine. My account manger has been very helpful and professional. The trading conditions are good and I have never got any requotes. The withdrawal and deposits are fast. Usually I used PayPal.




Been trading with FxPro for around a year and overall my experience is good. I appreciate transparent pricing environment here and stable server connection without any breaks. It allows reacting without delay under various market situations.




My first broker which does not cheat. Before Fxpro, I occurred only with scammers. They withdraw all my funds without any issues. Execution is transparent.




Nice broker with fast withdrawal process. Did not face any problems, so far. The platform is very suitable for me. Technical support is helpful.




Quite good broker. Very good livechat and support, very tight spreads. Tried several types of platforms, but ctrader I like the most. I make withdrawals every month on my card and I was never denied. Average speed of money transfer is 1 working day.




FxPro support rocks! Really help me with all my qustions. Also this broker provides great webinars for newbies They offer good range of trading instruments and very competitive spread on majors.




When I chose a broker, I looked on reliability of the company. FxPro is one of the most well-known companies in the forex industry. I have 2 year experience of trading with them without any negative issues. This broker provide really high level of service: stable server connection, fast execution, useful web\mobile tools, professional customer service and fast deposit/withdrawal. I have never regret about my choice.




FxPro offers competitive spreads and good leverage. Also there is a good proposal of instruments and platforms to choose from. I enjoy to work with this company.




Reliable forex broker with tight spreads and fast execution. Working with fxpro for 2.5 years. No problems during this time. Also they provide very good possibilities for the beginners and high quality client service.




Last time try to trade on Ctrader. Really enjoy this platform. Fast market execution, absence of requotes, convenient UI, great analytics. I think FxPro is quite reliable. Recommend to everyone.




Good broker with a lot of advantages: large breadth of market instruments, regulated by FCA and CySec, transparent pricing and tight spreads, multiple platforms to choose from, good conditions for algorithmic trading. I’m totally satisfied.




I'm very happy to have chosen them for the moment. There are a lot of trading instruments and spreads are pretty low, the platform is fast. Orders open and close immediately. Withdrawals through 1-2 working days.




The knowledge that Fxpro is licensed and regulated by FCA and Cysec gives me the confidence of dealing with them. Old and well-known broker with smooth history. I don’t see any obstacles to work with them.




I am very pleased with their conditions and the pro-client attitude. FxPro always improve their services and trading software. Great analytic tools and mobile platform, very convenient to trade on the go.




Great broker! Their support team rocks! Really help me so much. And they provide great webinars both for newbies and more advanced traders. Good range of trading instruments and very competitive spread.




I have a good impression of this company. During the time I work with them, I didn’t have problems with the execution of orders and my withdrawals. Connection with server is quite stable. Technical support works professionally. I totally satisfied with the service FxPro provides.




If to compare with other CySec regulated brokers their spreads are quite tight and competitive. I general, they provide good order execution and all the necessary tools.Withdrawal system is easy.




IMHO, this broker is really reputable, fair and well regulated. Negative opinion is usually written by the newbie trader wich express their reaction by blaming brokers. But they lose money through their faults. Because they want to earn a big profit in a short period of time with no trading knowledge. I think most part of advanced traders who works with fxpro are satisfied.




I like their services. The site is easy to navigate, MetaTrader 4 platform is habitual, works easy and fast in execution, the prices are real and I didn't have any freezes. I trade with them EUR/USD, GBP/EUR, GBP/CAD and gold. I like that they accept all EA’s. Usually, I make a profit of $1000-1200 in a month. Withdrawals via PayPal processed quickly.




Recently I setting up the demo account in fxpro. I reached out to the live chat with several general inquiries and after that representative of the company call me and acquainted me with the relevant information I needed. The platform also satisfied my needs. For that time, I got everything I wanted and I think to open the real account. Maybe someone here can suggest me how the situation with the withdrawals at the moment? Is it fast? And is there a difference in performance on the demo and real account?




Without any doubt, FxPro is one of the most attractive brokerage firms in my trading practice. It has more than enough instruments for trading. They provide the wide range of different account types. Platforms are really stable and fast. And they allow all trading strategies. Finally, I want to note that all my withdrawals were smooth.




I was looking for a safe place to trade for a long time and lately, I prefer FxPro. So far, so good, no problems. They offer transparent conditions, honest execution, smooth withdrawals and quick response from the customer support. Modern and advanced broker with high-quality services.




I like this broker very much. They make my trading comfortable and profitable.And I feel quite safe with them because I know that my deposit is insured. Customer support is constantly in touch and answers all my questions quickly. So I can surely recommend FxPro because it is really good and professional company.




A very good broker and very reliable. I have been trading with them for a few months now and I have no any problems to date. Deposit and withdrawal is a quite simple process, as the account verification process. I can not say anything bad about fxpro to date. Quite professional services.




My experience with fxpro overall is positive. Very competitive spreads on the cTrader platform. Also I like their research tools. For example AutoChartist is very helpfull for me. In my opinion this broker caters both to beginners and those who develop or use automated trading systems on the MT4, MT5 and cTrader platforms.




Like everyone I check out reviews before I began to trade with fxpro. I see mostly good comments so placed deposit of 500$. So far good broker - I took several withdrawals via skrill. No problems at all. Money came to my e-wallet during the day.




I've been with them since September 2014. Really one of the best and trustworthy brokers! It’s rather hard to open and verify account, initial deposit are not small, but all other moments are good! Very convenient and stable platform, fast withdrawals, good client service. If you want to find reliable broker for long-term and productive cooperation you can try fxpro.




I like this broker. FxPro is quite old, big and reliable broker with British and Cyprus regulation. And I enjoy that they always try to improve the services and to offer flexible terms. What I can say for sure from my own experience, this broker doesn't have problems with the support and with the withdrawal of funds.


I'm testing the MT5 account with a small deposit for 1,5 months. My first impression is very good. The execution is fast and stable. Already made 3 withdrawals on Skrill, it took a few hours and money were in my account. At the moment I totally like the service and conditions that fxpro provides.


I prefer to work with FxPro, because they are famous and trustworthy broker with licenses. For registration, you must provide your documents (ID, proof of residence, etc), everything is very serious. The minimum deposit is 100$. I think it’s quite affordable. And support is very good. I can recommend this broker; it is reliable and your funds will be safe.


Very good forex broker. One of my friend recommended that I should try to trade with FxPro, and it was realy useful advice. Sometimes there is little problems with execution but not too often. And for me one of the most important broker quality indicator is that I've never seen a huge spread widening.


A serious regulated broker, which provides certain feeling of security, which you don’t get from an offshore broker. Hence, the requirement for account size is as big as it is. So far I’ve had no problems and the customer support has been helpful with all of my questions.


It’s expensive to open a live trading account with them, but they actually offer really competitive and tight spreads. And as always, money go in the company easily, while withdrawals are being executed with lots of explanations and unreasonable delays.


FxPro is the best forex broker supports 24/5 in live chat. Ultra tight spreads. Offers every time. Instant deposit and withdrawl. No minimum and maximum amount while withdraw.


I'm very happy with this service and the platform is intuitive. I had all my questions answered from FXPro customer support. FXPro is the best in the world and I love it. Try this! This is great.

Hulio Martines

The whole concept and execution of FxPro makes it one of the best brokers around. I worked with other brokers before but FxPro is just a whole level. Customer Service is friendly, professional and really helpful. In case you are looking for a great broker, I would strongly suggest to try out FxPro. You will not be disappointed.

john rathgole From United Kingdom

The best platform I've ever used. Fast, reliable and very easy to use. I'm completely satisfied with it. Pros: pretty much everything

Piotr Bochenek

Very nice and easy to use website, friendly service, and in general all around recommend

Danial, Malaysia.

I know FXPro is operating in Malaysia but i do not know where the office is. In terms of my experience in a group i am with, so far i have seen bad comments coming out of Malaysia however, even if they are an ECN, charges can apply in many format, either in the form of commission charges or markeup on the spreads. Though i do not know the history about FXPro, my my point of view this company, i dont i want to open with them because i look at the website is pretty vague. There is nothing to really determine if this is an ECN or a Market Maker. Those doing scalping, of course i have tried plent of brokers and you do get requotes because of volitility but there you go and that how the industry works. Extreme volitility can be difficult to capture price but then again you can be lucky. If you have a financial instituion selling at a certain price, you will have thousands of traders eyeing for a buy or sell and this also depend on the volume. If a local bank can offer certain amount, others will get it, while some will get a requote. I am using FXCM. losing but now gaining some profits back so i need to test our their withdrawal system. What i have been told by friends is withdraw small amount. I find it stupid. Anyhow, look at the logical side of it. I rather by with an ECN and get requotes than with a Market Maker who goes against your trades!

kumar, india.

I had a very good experience with Fxpro !! I was very new to forex, does not know anything about it and deposited 300 dollars opened the trade without any indicators or anything and lost all the money in 2 hours...after dew months again i deposited around 400 dollars, same story again ...but this time i was left with 130 dollars, i learned my lesson my lesson ..i was greedy , no technical knowledge or did not even use a Bollinger band... so i thought im not ready to trade till i learn technical analysis ... so withdrew 130 but fxpro credited by account with 200 dollars.. They were so nice to me , may be because i'm a stupid young guy who lost money ... after few years , i came back , deposited $100, recovered all the losses i had back then and cashed out.. Pros: withdrawls are processed very quick. They don't interfere with your trades. Cons: High spreads..not really suitable for scalpers.. I love fxpro but cannot trade with them because of high spreads.. bye


Really professional and trustworthy broker. I use MT4 Mobile and it is very comfortable, because I can trade while eating pierogi (polish dumplings of unleavened dough) at my granny :) They have great customer support. I wish they remove paypal commission for deposit and withdrawal. It would be awesome.

Andrew Vovk

Regulated broker with long history of doing business in forex industry. Good trading conditions and fast registration. Quite fast execution and no requotes, so did not have many problems with them. My manager is very skilled and professional. If you seek reliable broker, add me in skype, vovkfx, i will help to choose the best one for you.