Why you should rush to invest in this ICO before 17th of March


LiveTree’s ADEPT (Advanced Decentralized Entertainment Platform for Transparent distribution) is world’s first blockchain based platform that decentralizes the complete entertainment value chain: reimagining content creation, funding as well as distribution. It has been in the entertainment business for more than two years now, having captured 5% of the UK crowdfunding market for film & TV funding and distribution. With a $1 billion crowdfunding market and $500 billion distribution market globally, LiveTree has a long way to go, and you can be a part of this propitious journey through Seed (SED), LiveTree’s very own token. Seed lets you have the power to run things in the Entertainment industry, and we recommend you better get your hands on some before time runs out.

Backed by the cutting-edge blockchain technology, Seed is different from other ambiguous tokens in many ways. Seed holders will be able to finance the content that they would like to see being made. In return, the content maker can choose to reward investors with a share in the project’s future earnings. Even if a project does not succeed, the proven use case of LiveTree’s ADEPT platform still manages to profit users. Viewers crave for films, TV shows or other content that tugs at their heartstrings and this is what creates the value of Seed – its demand.

Seed revenue is generated through five key stages- incubators, financing, networking, fees, and online streaming. ADEPT intends to release any content made especially for the platform immediately. The sale of content developed by incubators and independent filmmakers will drive up revenues. LiveTree will reinvest a significant part of their revenues to buy-back Seed from secondary token exchange markets fueling demand and driving the value of Seed up.

With over 14,000 industry suppliers from across the world, Seed migrates LiveTree’s contact directory comprising of viewers, bloggers, influencers and organizations like Red Rock Entertainment, The British Film Institute, Film London and Screen Arts Institute.

Further to this, LiveTree ADEPT is offering the lowest crowdfunding and distribution fees in the industry. It charges a significantly lower fee of 2.5% as opposed to the market norms of 5 to 20%. Such a low cost has a tremendous appeal for capturing a notable portion of the $1+ billion crowdfunding industry and eventually generate a whole new market. ADEPT combines LiveTree’s already successful reward-based crowdfunding model with a Netflix-style ‘Pre-Pay-Per-View’ (PPVOD) channel named BlossomTV. In contrast to Netflix, BlossomTV puts power into your hands and lets you, the viewer, decide what content gets made or who stars in it by investing in the project or “pre-paying”.

Seed has been designed to level the playing field for content creators, distributors, users; and restrict content gatekeepers from organizing entertainment. With a proven use case, all token holders will be earning profits regardless of the success of the content they backed. The demand for Seed (SED) in other exchanges will make up for this in no time.

The rapid growth of Bitcoin, Ethereum made many a people millionaires leaving others with wishful thinking. Seed offers you the opportunity to be a part of a new era of entertainment and grow with our platform. You may not go back in time to buy Bitcoins (until you get that time machine working) but here’s what you can do- invest in Seed now to gain the highest profits. “Get in before it’s too late”; this is what the market for cryptocurrencies has taught us.

Blockchain technology is the key to the future of the massive $500 billion Entertainment Industry, and with LiveTree you can now become a part of the future of Entertainment. The token sale is live only until 17th of March, so you need to get going right away!

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