GBP/USD technical analysis and forecast on April 14. Pound is trying to hold the position.

gbp-l1At the current trading week pound in the GBP / USD pair shows the strength and trying to keep the achieved position.

According to the best forecaster of the GBP / USD of the first quarter in the company Validus Risk Management, the pair risks to fall to the level of 1.35 before the referendum. If the people of Britain will vote for the country’s exit from the European Union, we should expect depreciation to 1.20 pounds.

GBP/USD technical analysis and forecast on April 14

Pound did not manage to settle in the level 1.43, but there are attempts to renew the growth. The RSI has not yet reached the resistance level, indicating the new quotations growth with the goal of 1.4380. As part of the GBP / USD Forecast on April 14, the dollar is expected to be falling to the goal level.


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