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Where should I open Live account to trade Forex

Before opening a live account you should realize that you are ready for it. And if you really perceive that you are willing to try yourself in Forex with the real investments you can use the following selection of Forex brokers. There is no need to browse the internet looking for correct company to work with.

Accept recommendations of our website to choose the broker. All the presented brokers are tested by us. We have live accounts in all those brokers. Open a live trading account in any of these brokers.

RoboForex_real_scet_small_logoRoboForex has been acknowledged as a reliable partner in the development of the private business of our clients. All our customers receive reliable and affordable services of the highest quality with a personal and confidential approach. RoboForex specialists constantly monitor the situation in currency and stock markets, track the emergence of innovative technologies and tools, and successfully apply them.

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The XM team believes that the reliability does not come out of nowhere – it should be gained. And the only way to do so is to create the efficiency of trading. Hence, the team keeps an eye on the new developments in the field that could speed up the process and does its best to get rid of all the factors that could affect the trading execution.

Open live account XM

This is the list of Forex brokers that we recommend with confidence and without any hesitations. Obviously, there are many Forex brokers where you can trade but our list is based on the personal trading experience in the companies, so we have here only four Forex brokers.



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