Binary Options. 10 steps to learn binary trading

Binary Options trading is a perfect way for those who can predict the price movements of different assets. You can choose your own trading style, type of assess, expiry time and many other things. This way of trading does not require any special education but only your wish to work!

1. Option type. The first decision is choose the type of Option. So, you much decide, what asset (currency, product, etc)  is more appropriate for your trading style.

  • Once you have decided it, choose the direction of price movement.
  • If you think that the price will fall, choose a Put option, and if you predict the price rising – choose the Call option.

2. Choose a Broker. Now you should study all the various brokers and find the optimal one for you.

Each Broker, which is offered to you on this site, is fully licensed and reliable, offer you different kinds of assets, and many of them can grant you bonuses to starting deposit.

Binary Broker
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This is a simple but important step – rightly chosen broker can give you much benefit in future.

3. Choose a Expiry Time. When you have chosen the asset for your first Binary Options trades, and have chosen a optimal Broker for beginning, then you need make a decision of an expiry time for your trades.







This time depends of price movements of chosen asset and differs depending on its type, as well as your desirable trading style.

4. Assess your gain. Now you should asses an approximate profit from your potential trade. The gain depends on broker, type of asset, and many other things. To have your as much gain as it is possible, choose the best trading strategy.

5. Trending Options. After much thinking about gain, brokers, assets and other things, you should learn the available tools to ensure the trades you are considering to make a profit.

You may uses various tools which can one or another way give you information about price trends. Use it, and you’ll come a Victor!.

6. Increase Your Trading Budget.  Always look up for promotional offers to help you increase the value of your trading budget.

Many brokers can offer you such an offers that can allow you to increase your trading budget and, as a consequence, your profit!

Be attentive to work with growing budget. You must be sure that you know enough about trading instruments which can become available to you with increasing of your funds.

7. Instant Trades.  When you can work with both an online trading account and a mobile trading account, you will always be able to have a deals at any time and from anywhere. Many market events can occur suddenly, and you must always have an opportunity to react on them.

8. Hedging Your Trades. Many traders will look into the possibility of hedging any live and active trades they have open or they may place a range of trades on which both sides of the trades are covered in two completely separate trades.

9. Roll Forward Feature. It is a feature newly available in all the trading sites. This type of additional trading opportunity will only become available to you when you have a live trade placed.

A Roll Forward option is a way of extending the expiry time. You should do it only if you are sure that the price will continue its movement in desirable direction.

10. Early Exit. You can stop the deal when the price becomes to move the way opposite to your expectations. Using this feature, you can save your money. This feature is opposite to Roll Forward.

We wish you good luck in trading!


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