Forex Euro Dollar Forecast for EUR/USD on 02.26.2016

EUR/USD currency pair continues to be traded on the FOREX in line with our expectations and forecast forexon euro-dollar rates for tomorrow. We expected the highercorrect, but the dollar is in the framework of a strong downtrend. As you can see, the bulls on EUR/USD could not even work out an inverted head and shoulders pattern. At the moment, there is potential for development of the downtrend1:1 pattern, the euro quotes got pushed from the top of the channel, the falling is expected to start. In contrary, if euro-dollarrate will rise above the level of 1.1070, it is expected upward correction upwards.

Thus,Forex Euro Dollar Forecast EUR/USD on 02.26.2016 assumes an attempt to fall within the beginning of the descending pattern of 1: 1, the cancellation will be breaking through the channel upper line.

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