EUR/USD forecast: expect the price to breakout above 1.23050

eu-l14Wave Analysis

Nothing much has happened on this pair. The previous day’s candle ended up closing with the other day’s highest high and lowest low. As it is now, this could be a poddible sign that we are in an active up trend. If you are looking at this chart, keep looking for long term buy position expect the price to breakout above 1.23050 and could breakout much higher with the next ideal target set around 1.24 or even higher. As it is now, we are in a buy we took the previous tradiing day, our expectations is that the price should break even higher.

Trade Recommendations:

We’re still buyers.

We're buyers with an ideal target set at 1.25 or even higher towards 1.26 or even higher.

Origin: FreshForex

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