The Euro continues rising. Overview for 23.11.2017

forexnews4_ eurThe main currency pair is keeping its rising momentum; today is going to be a positive day for the Euro.

The EUR/USD pair is slowly growing on Thursday morning. The current quote for the instrument is 1.1830.

Yesterday night, they published FOMC Minutes. The document turned out to be just the way it was expected: the regulator was thinking about the benchmark rate increase in the nearest future, probably in December. Investors have few doubts about it, as there were a lot of signal for that. However, the more signals, the better.

The report shows that monetary politicians are concerned about the inflation. Although it was said several times that the current CPI dynamics should be regarded as a new economic reality in the USA, both the Federal Reserve and investors raise this issue from time to time. Also, the document says that inflation forecasts will be crucial for the rate hikes in the future.

The US market will be closed today due to the Thanksgiving Day. Nevertheless, the economic calendar offers a lot of statistical reports, which may influence the EUR/USD pair. However, the Euro may continue rising slowly as long as investors’ attitude to the USD is rather neutral.

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