Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is a new dawn on the market of binary options. This broker have created a company that meets the highest requirements of clients. In Olymp Trade all the stages of trading are as simple as possible, and the entry threshold is lowered to a record sum — 10 dollars. This is an important step that allows even beginners to start opening trades immediately and get their first profit. The main target of Olymp Trade is to make a significant contribution to the binary options market around the world, so they have started putting these ideas into practice from the very first day.

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Legal name: Olymp Trade

  • Founded in: 2014
  • Regulated: FinaCom PLC

Trading conditions

  • Trading platform: Olymp Trade
  • Insurance on the deposit: Yes
  • Trading tools: Stocks, Сurrency, Indices, Goods
  • Мinimum deposit: $10
  • MAX profit: up to 80% (common user), 90% (VIP-account)
  • Type option: Call-Put

Additional information

  • Demo platforms: Olymp Trade
  • Payments system: Visa, Mastercard, Fasapay, Neteller
  • Multilanguage sites: Russian, English, Thai
  • Clients Support languages:  Russian, English, Thai
  • Clients Support:  Phone number, email, online chat, WhatsApp

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The verdict from ForexNews.PRO

In our view, the list of currency pairs is quite small, though there are commodities (gold and oil), shares and indices. The potential profit percentage varies from 40% to 80% per trade depending on the asset. VIP-traders can even have up to 90% of pure profit.
The execution is almost immediate. There is a nice feature: the opportunity to cancel an unsuccessful trade and return a part of the investment: up to 60% of trade amount.
One more good point is that you can set your own trade time. Only few brokers have such feature.
Technical support is fast in answering: and that is pleasant too, as everybody likes to be welcomed.
That is why we recommend Olymp Trade as a reliable and trustful broker.
The company added 25 April.

Reviews (35)




olymp was always a good broker for me. now that they’ve got MT4 support it got even better cuz this was something i was really missing and used as a side platform for analytics. now i can both trade and analyse in the same environment which is cool.




If anyone asks me which broker I can recommend - I will definitely tell you about olymp trade, because it is this company that allows you to work both at Forex and binary options, and at the same time provides quality working conditions at each site, plus olymp trade has a great mobile application.

I'm trading with Olymp for a very long time



I'm trading with Olymp for a very long time, I even can't recall how long actually. For this time I faced many things and learned a lot, so I can formulate a fair opinion. The main advantage of this broker is its relaibility and regulations. The true reliable broker is regulated and should keep good reputation and Olymp Trade is a kind of such broker. It's regulated by Finacom and has quick support, so all my issues were resolved very fast and I have no problem in getting up-to-date info. Additional benefit is that Olymp Trade has community of traders, so it's easy to get in touch with other traders to clarify or find some info/oppinion. The trading conditions are also good and withdrawals are usually within 24 hours. so I'm satisfied.




I have a long cooperation with Olymp Trade and I like this company for the abundance of instruments and pleasant bonuses that can be received not only when replenishing. Here are some of the highest percents of payout rates that I've met among brokerage companies and a very quick withdrawal to the resource that is convenient for you. I like the fact that I can work here on my own, although the mobile application can sometimes work a little slower than the main version. And so everything is very worthy every year there are some new features, it is obvious that the broker is developing and improving its service.




Options trading turned out to be very easy. I previously thought that trading requires a PhD in science, or at least some higher education in the University. But in reality this is just about the discipline and some thoughtfulness that you have to apply to markets. As for the brokerage itself, I’m completely satisfied with the work they do on their side. I can imagine how much work is behind Olymp’s trading platform and all these orders execution. Not even speaking of educational webinars and articles. Withdrawals are done at first request and the funds normally arrive the same day or the next day as worst.




I started trading digital options because I was craving financial freedom. Lots of commercials on Youtube appeal to people like me. Yes we are all tired of working 8 hours a day to make a living, we want a better life, fancy cars and villas. The only thing I did not realize is that trading requires a lot of effort. Olymp Trade was the first brokerage that did not promise to make me rich with the snap of the fingers. Instead they taught me the basics of market analysis.I still have my job, I’m not making millions but I know that I’m on the right path. I do have some extra income from Olymp options trading and I keep mastering my trading skills. Olymp is a good broker, no fake promises, good environment to learn and keep trading well.




Trading is not for gamblers. It’s not for lazy people who want to start making money out of air. Preferably today. I’m grateful Olymp has shown this to me in all their webinars. I’ve walked a long path from the naive gambler to serious attitude and developing a detailed plan for every single trade. Once you have a trading system, OT is a suitable place to apply it on the market. Their commissions are compatible with the lowest ones that internet brokers ever offer, trading software is stable and has got enough integrated graphic tools and indicators. The money withdrawal usually takes less than 24 hours. What else can we ask for?






Recently, I found a video on the gambit strategy on the Internet. Its essence is that you open two trades when the news comes out. Olymp trade shows the most relevant news. Then, when the expiration date is nearing, we sell a losing option, and we get a return of 40 percent. And when you close the profit transaction, we get a profit of 80%. Now I'm running this strategy on the demo account. Olymp made everything easy to understand. But I don't know how this whole business will work when I deposit my money. But the fact that the broker provides the opportunity to close the deal preterm is very pleasing. And the fact that they shared this strategy is amazing. By the way, maybe someone will recommend me some additional strategies?


I started to trade with Olymp Trade because they have comfortable entry conditions. You can start trading on the real account just with 10 dollars, and demo-account is provided for free. In the beginning, I was trading on a demo, and now I’m trading on a real account for some time. I didn’t go in red so far and it already makes me happy, because I joined the market just a months ago ;)


I like that with Olymp Trade you can make a deposit in bitcoins and withdraw the income also in bitcoins. Cryptocurrency – is a great way to keep a track of your finances.  It’s safe and confidential. It’s not 2009 anymore, you can pay with bitcoins in many places and I’m actively using this opportunity. And on Olymp Trade I can earn some bitcoins and nobody is nosing around my finances – such an approach totally satisfies me.




Most brokers take advantage with customers funds because they fill these customers don’t know how to get their funds back, But trust me there are hidden ways you can get your lost funds back from the broker. I was able to withdraw my $230,000 from the two brokers i signed up with while trading. I’ve never done this before but i promise to recommend him if i help him out and i’m glad he did, If you want to recover your money back then mail him recoverywealthnow360 at gmail dot com




In my case, it was a friend of mine who introduced me to Olymp Trade. As he told me, he was earning money by referring new customers in an affiliate program. That said, he doesn't just give them his referral link and leave them to themselves. Just on the contrary, he's a trader himself, and he helps his referrals to make a good start. In the beginning, I was mostly guided by his helpful tips, plus the training courses that the broker provided - it all greatly helped. Later on, I started using my own strategies. In fact, the strategies are basically the same as in Olymp Trade courses, I just slightly alter the settings of indicators, timeframes, and all the like. Sometimes the result is pretty good. Of course, I won't plan too far ahead, but so far I like trading, specifically on Olymp Trade platform. I haven't tried other platforms, but then I don't really want to. I'm perfectly fine where I am, plus that friend of mine has been trading here for a long time and can vouch for this company - and that's good enough for me.


The deposit amount is very modest, I deposited 10 US dollars and started to trade with it firstly and it well very smoothly, but since the deposit was small, eventhough it was 100% profit. So, I made a deposit of $200 and soon turned it into $500 with 100% bonus on my first deposit. I could not belive it. I restarted the app and it was still there. It is crazy how the bonuses work in Olymp Trade. The community of traders of Olymp Trade is a very powerful tool, it is like another social media in there, but with knowledge sharing. I learned a lot from it from the proffessional traders.




I started to trade with Olymp Trade because of the cryptocurrency contracts. I saw maximum bitcoin at other companies and here they got over ten different digital coins! Now the cryptocurrency is in trend, the prices are not stable and you can make some good money on it. And Olymp Trade platform – is one of the easiest ways, so I continue to trade here.



Tim Haranov

I chose Olymp Trade to be my trading platform because back then, a year and a half ago, this company had the best reputation on the market. In the majority of online rankings they either topped them, or were mentioned among the several very best brokers. So in general, this company hasn't disappointed me. They have a high-quality trading platform which is extremely user-friendly. It never gets buggy, which is a definite plus.They also have a mobile app with a simpler functionality, which instead enables you to trade wherever you like. Making deposits and withdrawing money is also quite convenient, and the money comes right away. The payout rates for currency pairs might occasionally drop, which is a bit inconvenient, but then you might as well just wait or choose a different asset. In 1,5 years I've missed just a couple of deals on account of such drops, that's frustrating but in the long run this didn't have that much impact.




They deleted my account claiming IP fraud, and I forwarded all the correct affiliation data I have recorded video proving that the account was with everything correct and they deleted, then claimed that it would not be possible to investigate because my account was no longer in the system. The regulatory rule of them did not help at all, I contacted her and she informed me that she could not do anything about the case. Video can be found at ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsbOck_oQaw​​​ They blocked my operations account too, I do not have a recording Blocked from making negative feedback on your page too. Broker scammer does not pay neither his affiliation representatives

Zohaib Wajid

Olypm Trade Scamer Donot invest in this scammer group They donot know about work just know about fraud I invest a big amount and double it with next mints so i request withdrawal At same time they ask me for verification, i did. After some days they reply that u harm and losses to company so ur account with funds block? Why? Just they donot want to give profits they want to take whole money with fraud So plz i m requesting u all Donot invest this fake company




it was everything gone wrong for me, i fell fully for their lies, had my broker handle my account for me which made things get worse but i was out there working almost all hours of the day to make sure i stay stable financially in life and all of a sudden +booom . i need cash and they are wasting my time to approve my withdrawal request. At this point i am beginning to get scared and after a while they stopped responding to my emails which became worse, i was going nuts until i was able to come across a company ( binaryoptionassetrecovery(+.com(. they were so helpful and we got back almost all of mu money back. im never going down that binaryoption or forex investment road again.




i want to invest in trading platforms but i want some financial help because i belong poor family


Olymp trade is really goo platform where you can trade Gold and crude with very tight spreads but my advice to all traders first do some practice in demo account and use some trading strategies and when you feel confident enough that you can trade with real money then start trading.Olymp trade is complete option broker where you can trade lot of trading pairs



Kate O Hara

These brokers are terrible they took me for all I had, luckily for me I was introduced to this recovery website, they helped me recover all of my funds within 3 days, I am so happy to share this with all who have been scammed Binaryoptionrecoveryspecialist (dot) (com)




Olymp trade after testing the platform 2 months on demo account i deposit money in my account and now i am trading on Olymp trade i am happy that i am using Olymp trade i think its good choice for traders because of simple trading platform and lot of trading assets available for trading.




I'm still testing this platform, but I'm glad I've already received the first withdrawal, it actually happened within a day, even though according to the rules it might take up to 5 days. Forget about the demo account, no one ever learned to trade with it. Minimal deposit is only 10$, although the real account is the real account – it's a completely different experience.




There are a lot of cool indicators that make the analysis and trading itself way easier. The platform is pretty fast and smoothly. I've checked out the learning section a couple of times. They've got some useful materials their. Kodus to the broker for that.




What I really didn't like about this broker is their site. I wanted to close it the minute I saw it. It was neither user friendly nor informative. But I thought I'd try the platform that so many traders wrote about. So to try it out I had to register, but it didn't take much time. The trading platform turned out to be really convenient. I've been trading with them for 6 months now and I have nothing bad to say.




In trading I use the heiken-ashi graphics, and not everyone has that. In Olymp Trade there is such a price reflection. Profitability on tools is 90% and that's very good! No delays on withdrawal.




Several days ago, I finally withdrew profit all in all more than I had deposited. The conditions are normal - I've got a regular account, with the correct forecast profit will be up to 80%, but I'd like to have over 80% of course.

Brynn Gibson

Hello Guys Trust me olymptrade is a scam....i created an account and tested my strategy on demo and i always win 9 out of 10 trades i take and when i switched to real account they stop my trades when i will 2 on roll they stop the 3rd,4th and 5th by pausing the time and one funny thing is that the when i buy a call option and the my expiry ends in ITM they give me OTM but u can still see the direction going up and when i buy call again i get OTM while the trend is in the same bullish pattern...................Guys i think if u have a good strategy dont use it on olymptrade cos they will do their best to make u loose because my students are having 90% ITM on other brokers and am having OTM......


Sometimes the platform freezes for about 20-30 mins,and no one in their support team responds on my chat. Their online customer support is very arrogant and unprofessional. I hate the way on how they treated their customers.


Olymp Trade is a good broker with clearly laid-out regulations. Account setup and trade execution are easy. One of the most professional brokers in recent times, my vote for the company is five stars.


I have been trading on Olymp Trade for about 3 months. I like that their platform is easy and it is not freezing. Sometime I lose, but everybody does.


Before start trading I was studying strategies and watching a lot of education videos. Then I tried on Olymp Trade demo, and I liked it. They offer demo account with 10000 of demo balance, and do not limit the platform, so it is easy to test strategies. Now I already trade on real account and I love it!


The minimum deposit of 10 dollars really attracted me, and I started trading on this amount firstly, and then increased the investment. I have several profitable trades throughout the trading.